Feminist Fashion

Oh no! It’s that poisonous word again… Feminism. Call me sceptical, but I’m pretty sure the word is still viewed as something that is harsh and scary to most people, mainly men who I often hear complaining about it! If you think I’m sexist, then go ahead and tell me so, however, as I have mentioned in previous posts, I am still being degraded and paid less in the workplace and our rights still do not match up. If you don’t believe me, check out the stats online, that’ll prove it to you!

However, I didn’t want to make this post today to be aggressive and advocate for women’s rights, but instead I wanted to celebrate something that I think is becoming a national movement, and that is feminist fashion! Everywhere I go, whether I’m online shopping on or or even browsing my local high street Topshop, t-shirts are printed with words such as “Feminist”, “Brains, Beauty, Booty”, “Boss Lady”.

Although I do not personally like all of the designs that I have seen I do like how it has become a fashionable thing to be a feminist. I am sure that most of us ladies were impacted by the powerful t-shirt designed for this years Dior campaign around National Women’s Day which depicted the words “WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS” in black bold writing. I attempted to get myself one but at over £500 I decided against it!

We may still be fighting hard to get the same rights that men do, and it is really nice to see that a lot more young men are getting involved in Feminist marches and campaigns, we may still have a long way to go yet but these feminist fashion items will certainly help!

Alongside this I am happy to see many models getting involved in their own beauty campaigns including Mary Lambert’s #BodyLove campaign a few years ago and now, Tess Holliday’s Eff Your Beauty Standards campaign empowering women to this day. As a size 18 girl, no matter how hard I try, sometimes looking at my back fat and belly rolls still makes me feel a bit crap! However, having people as confident as Holliday baring all for her fans without fear of what people might say gives me strength that I am beautiful!


The photos below do contain full nudity.


Tess Holliday empowering women to not be afraid of their bodies.



Showing women that if you are happy in your own skin then nobody can shame you into feeling low.

Holliday is a size 22 model, one of the first in the US to be featured as a plus size supermodel. She has no shame about her size and advocates women to not be afraid no matter what size they are. Before anyone mentions this, she is not unhealthy and if you watch her Instagram you’ll notice that she goes to the gym often and her children and husband are healthy too.

I find her an absolute inspiration and I find that if I think she’s sexy, and her husband can, then why wouldn’t someone find me sexy in turn?


Food for thought gang!


With love,

Emma xxxx



5 thoughts on “Feminist Fashion

  1. I think she is beautiful and ought not to be ashamed of anything.

    I think body shame is a universal problem. We should not need little “Oops!” clouds to hide anatomy that everyone has and everyone knows exactly what it looks like. Talk about body shame (fear, disgust or whatever negative feeling seeing a nudebody may cause) being built right into the structure of society!

    Free the nipple! And everything else, too!

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