Good times…

Guess what my little milklets? I have neeeeeeeeews.

So, many of you will know that I submitted some of my poetry to a publisher a little while ago and she said that it was going to be bound together in an anthology along with other poets around the world.

Weeeellll yesterday morning I received an email letting me know that the book ahs officially been published and will be going live on Amazon, ready for purchase, in the next 3-5 days! Much to my surprise, upon looking through the e-book version I was sent by Geraldine Taylor (the publisher/author) FIVE of my poems had ended up in the book!

At the bottom of each poem I have written it says “By Emma Reynolds, Poole”! As much as I kind of wish that the credit had been given to me from my hometown in Essex, I did submit the poems here and this is where I am situated when the poems have been published, so I can’t be ungrateful for that!

The book will not only be available on but will also be available to buy in selected bookshops which I will 100% be informing you all about when I receive the news myself!

I am so, so shocked. I cannot believe that all the dreaming and wishing that I have done has finally come to fruition and I am an official PUBLISHED AUTHOR. ME. EMMA REYNOLDS.


(Screams and runs around flailing!)

As well as this, a photo of me is going to be on a promotional gallery for the book and will feature to get more readers involved in the book itself. My good friend Harry took the photo of me because I wanted it to look professional and not just be some random selfie! He has recently set up his Instagram so if you want to check it out please follow @harrywoottenphotography.

I will write a little feature on the book as soon as I have it so I’ll show you it all! If you would be interested in buying it is called “The Creative Collective Anthology” by author Geraldine Taylor.

I am so happy you guys have spurred me on to achieve this goal, I could never have done it without you!

Until then my little milklets.


With love,

Emma xxxx


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