How To Drink Milk is Published!


Hey gang!

So I am very pleased to announce that the book has officially been published and is literally in my hands as we speak! Five of my poems have been included in the book itself and feature altogether near the beginning credited to “Emma Reynolds, Poole”!

I somewhat believe that I should have had the credit go to Essex, however, I am currently living in Poole and I guess I should always remember every little place as somewhere that I have had a small victory with my writing, the blog was Essex, and now the poetry in Poole.

I woke up this morning looking like this:

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Purely because I was so happy about the release of the book and that I can finally walk around this world calling myself an author. I can buy business cards and write on the bottom: FREELANCE AUTHOR.

I know I have been discussing this with you a lot lately my little milklets, and I apologise for that, but this is such a big deal for me that I literally cannot get over how amazing it is. It is one of the biggest breakthroughs for me as a writer, my first little book, I can’t wait to publish one which has my name solely on the front cover.

The book itself was put together by a poet called Geraldine Taylor and features writers from around the globe and their poetry. The book is called The Creative Collective Anthology and is selling for £7.72 at new.  Individual booksellers such as The Book Depository are also selling the book, however they are selling it cheaper but with higher postage so if you are interested in getting the book then please go through

Here’s a link in case you’d like to purchase a copy:

Above, you can see the front and back cover of the book. I feature in the book with my poems Deliciously Insane, Lucifers and Gods, Innocence, Lace For Liquorice and The Clown Who Dripped Tears.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you to Lois who was my book-holding assistant for this particular photo slideshow!

I want to thank all of you guys for supporting me to getting to this stage and if any of you do buy the book then I would really like you to send me in some photos or comment them below. It really would mean the world to me.

In other news, I have finally managed to bag myself a job at the local hotel here in Poole called the Thistle Hotel after months of searching, even though I’ll be leaving here for the summer soon!

It just goes to show, gang, that when you constantly push for something, then eventually all your dreams will come true and you will get there in the end. This book being published as actually given me the kick up the backside and the confidence that I need to carry on writing the novel that I have been working on for about three years now!

The book is still in production, but I now feel ready to pick it up and get working on it again now. So, look out for my name in your local bookshops!

I hope you’re all having a wonderful day and share your dreams and wishes down below! I’d love to hear them and what you’re achieving this year!


With love,

Emma xxxx


4 thoughts on “How To Drink Milk is Published!

  1. Hi there ! I never normally do this but I had to comment and tell you how much I adore your blog! I just came across it now and I am so happy I have, it is so wonderful and you truly have a great blog. I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with all of your latest posts. Keep up the great work!

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    1. Hey lovely!! I am so honoured that you took the time to comment and tell me what you think of the blog! I am going to post this comment on the home page as part of my positivity gallery about the blog. Please stay up to date and always get involved and tell your friends! Have an amazing day beautiful 🙂

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