Hey milklets!

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been very busy filming a comedy piece I wrote at University called Acting Out which will soon be available on my vimeo which I will attach upon release!

It is quite a sad time for me at the moment since on the 7th of June I will be leaving Poole once and for all to begin my second year at University. I have been here for one year now and it truly has been an array of emotions, ups and downs and memories.

However, what I think I am going to miss the most, is my little uni room. It has been my little sanctuary for the last year and I have experienced so many things while owning it that I do not want to let go!

It’s where I’ve written a book, been accepted to edit scripts, been selected to work with other blogs, some amazing stuff! It’s just been fantastic. I am scared to leave, knowing next year I won’t be as care free as I am now, going on that journey of finally becoming an actual adult with real responsibilities!

Don’t make me do it!

To everyone that is leaving University for the summer, do remember to not forget the memories you have made in first year and actually try your best to even carry over some of these friendships that are only in their baby step stages, because they could become some of your friends for life.

Taking down my photos and removing all my posessions will be the hardest part as it will be like stripping away a memory, however when everything is put away in storage I can imagine that the room will no longer feel like my own.

I hope everyone has a safe move back to their homes at the end of this semester!

Now, on other news. I am glad to announce that How To Drink Milk now has Instagram! Please go follow @howtodrinkmilkblog and check out all the new posts that will soon be on there! If you would like to follow me personally then go to @emma_reynolds98.

Have an amazing day guys!


With love,

Emma xxxx