Hey miklets!

So, I am happy to inform you all that I have officially finished my first year of Screenwriting for Film & Television at Bournemouth University and am finally able to sit back, relax, and enjoy my first three weeks of summer before heading over to Uganda to do my volunteering for East African Playgrounds, which, by the way, I am still desperate for donations for, so if you can spare even a few pennies please Donate to East African Playgrounds!

Today, I wanted to share with you a few tips about moving out of your halls during your first year that might make your life just a little bit easier later on!

Now, when you live in halls you will meet it all clean and perfect, and by the end of the year I can promise you it will definitely not look the way you started out with it! Due to this, you must make sure that you clean up at the end in order to get your deposit back.

  • THE BIG CLEAN – I cannot stress to you enough how much work it will take to get this money back and therefore you MUST make sure that your whole flat gets together and helps to clean. This did cause great complications among my own flat when we tried to clean up and it really was not worth the stress, to avoid this, get your flat together, do a huge cook up of all the foods in the freezer so they are ready to be defrosted and cleaned out and then throw your dried goods into a food bank unless you can afford to keep them. If there are a good six of you sharing the flat, then I’m sure you will manage to get it sorted ASAP!
  • CLEARING OUT – Your room is the one place that you will hate cleaning out the most. It has been your emotional sanctuary for one year of your life and now you’ll have to leave! My advice to you about this is to get some cardboard boxes (my uni accommodation gave me some from the company Lovespace for free!) and use these as a quick and easy way to differentiate what items need to go in which box pre-prepared for when you move into your new place next year!



Packing away my games and folders for my new place!

  • HOW TO STORE – If like me, you do not have the option of driving all your stuff home after your first year at University, then I would recommend getting involved in a storage unit and preparing to look after your things that way I went with a company called Big Yellow Self Storage who will (as a student) give you half price for your first month and charge you a fixed price per the size of your room for the next so many months that you would like to store your belongings. This is also a great option if you are an international overseas student who is unable to get your things home by plan or ferry.



My belongings in Big Yellow Self Storage!


  • MEMORIES AND EVIDENCE – The photos that you take at your accommodation are important for of course memories, but also, do not forget that in order to get a deposit back you sometimes will need to prove that the issues are nothing to do with you. Taking photos after you leave and before you move in are a great way to ensure that you get your deposit back and can prove to the company (if they accuse you of any damages) that the issues are not your fault.



Waving goodbye from my taxi to my accommodation one last tjme!

The feeling of moving out of your accommodation is scary because it was your home for a whole year, even though it may have been a vulgar place to live all in all! However, do not see it as a terrifying move, but something exciting to look forward to. I personally cannot wait to move into my new place next year! It is going to be amazing!


Good luck my milklets!



With love,

Emma xxxx


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