Hey gang!


I know I said I would do the part two of this the day after I wrote the first and I am sorry that I haven’t, I have just been very ill and things are simply not going up hill for me at the moment! I have conjunctivitis, a blocked nose, a chronic cough and blocked ears. On top of this I’m terrified as I am soon to have three teeth removed under sedation and then be stitched up, not the best time ever!

Now, for today’s step by step I said I would go through the focused manicure! Check out the steps below, and as always, let me know if you try them out!

Step By Step Manicure At Home

What You Will Need:

  • Hand Salts (can be bought from Sainsbury’s)
  • Nail polish remover
  • Nail trimmers
  • Nail file
  • Nail polish
  • Clear nail polish
  • Nail buffer
  1. So, before you begin, lay a towel down on the flat surface where you would like to do your manicure, a desk or dining table is perfect for this! Then, arrange your equipment so you have it all ready to use!
  2. To begin, if you have any nail varnish on then remove this with the nail varnish remover.
  3. Now you’re clean and ready to continue. Take your nail clippers and clip the nails into a tidy shape and make sure every nail is a similar length. When you have done this the nails may be sharp so take a file to them and make sure they are rounded and smooth.
  4. Buff your nails with your nail buffer.
  5. Next, take a small bowl with some warm water and sprinkle in the hand salts. Leave your fingernails to soak in the water for about fifteen minutes until soft and cleansed.
  6. Now, push your cuticles back until your nails are clear.
  7. Take some lotion if you wish, and cover your hands in it so make them soft to the touch.
  8. We are now ready to paint the nails! Apply a base coat of clear polish and leave to dry. Then apply your first coat of whatever colour polish you want and leave to dry also. If you prefer, apply fake nails at this point instead, just follow the instructions inside the packet!
  9. Now, apply as many coatings of nail varnish (I recommend three) as satisfies you and leave to dry.
  10. Finally, add another layer of clear polish and this will leave you nails looking shiny and perfect!

Have an amazing day guys and I hope this is fun for you all to try out!


With love,

Emma xxxx