A Plead

Hey gang!

I am so sorry that I have been neglecting the blog lately. It is hard to keep writing for yourself in this kind of career when you are trying so hard to make sure you’re getting noticed by other people too!

Today I want to have a little chat with you all about something that has been bothering me for the past year over university. The things I have to say might sound patronising but I am sure many of you will understand when you reach a certain age.

Guilty of this myself, a few years ago I loved watching trash reality television like Ex On The Beach, however over current years, the whole enjoyment of it has disintegrated as I have seen that all the show wants to do is promote the sexual objectification of both women and men and as you may have noticed will only accept the applications of those who are either built well or are skinny and aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

With the emergence of shows like Love Island now too where participants of the show take part in challenges such as stripping off and getting into pools and getting off with one another for certain lengths of time for the opportunity to win a party in the evening, this way of presenting young people on TV has not changed.

As a young teenager who is in University and is always being exposed to these kinds of games and sexualised environments, I can tell you that the behaviour of these people is not well respected as you grow older. Now, many people reading this will think I am speaking as if I am some middle aged sex teacher who is telling people to abstain from sex, but I’m not.

What I am pleading to all my readers today is that you open your eyes to what you are actually watching and pay attention to the utter stupidity of it and how it is affecting us as people. I have not been out clubbing in roughly 8 weeks as I have just been feeling pretty lazy, however, when was the last time you went to a nightclub and spoke to an attractive boy who was not using terminology like “you’re a sort”, “cracking on”, “you’re fit/piff/peng/buff”… We are not things to admire, and ladies, it is embarrassing to see girls who are behaving like “lads”. Too many girls run around saying they want to be respected as a woman but behave exactly like the boys who are affecting them.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being sexually active or in fact being in touch with your sexual self since you have the right to do so, whether male or female! However, you should not go around flaunting yourself for just the use of sex like you are not worthy of more because you all are! Shows like Love Island encourage the idea of open relationships and while being with one person kissing others for the pleasure of having a party and it’s just stupid.

Watching shows like Love Island actually has nothing to do with love and as people who watch the show, there will be an affect on how boys and girls believe it acceptable to treat one another. At University, there is a constant revolving door on many people’s rooms from the one night stands that they have, and that is honestly fine, but these people are not broadcasting live on television, they are doing their own thing. But I do not believe it is something that other people aspire to watch on television.

The amount of times I have seen young people on television having sex on shows like Love Island is a lot and it’s so sad to see because those people will one day be someone’s boyfriend or girlfriend and they have to live with the knowledge that their sexual exploits have been broadcast on television forever, and think how that will affect the paranoia of your partner also knowing that everyone has seen your partner in action or at least can access it whenever they want to.

I am not suggesting anyone should stop enjoying sex since I believe it is something that empowers us and when conducted in the proper way with consent, cannot only bring a couple together but can allow us to share ourselves with other people on a personal level that words cannot always do. But I am asking that those of you who do watch shows like this to not aspire to behave in such a way as I want for nothing than happiness for you all and I would not want anyone’s behaviour to bite them in their later lives. For example, on Love Island one of the men was in a relationship and kissed someone else purely for the chance of winning a challenge. Was that really worth risking is relationship over? And why on earth was his girlfriend not more furious instead of just accepting it for the fact that it was “for a party”?

That may all sound a little strong but I just had to get it off of my chest as I literally cannot express how much I hate shows like this and genuinely do believe they are furthering the damage of young people’s sexual exploitation in today’s society. And as a young person, I do not want to be considered a part of that culture when I simply don’t believe in it!

Now, one thing I do want to be considered a part of as a young person is taking part in the brand new opportunities provided to me and that is precisely what I will be doing with my friends starting this week on Wednesday! I am heading all the way over to Entebbe, Kampala, Uganda! I will be building playgrounds for the children there and trekking with silverback gorillas as well as having the amazing opportunity to have an outdoor shower on a mountain side!

It is going to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life and the chances are I will not be able to make another post before I go but when I get back you should all expect an array of different posts all about the things I get up to and what I see while I’m there!
I can’t wait to tell you all about I and give you some tips since this will be my first time travelling outside the UK and getting on a plane too! It’s going to be amazing!

Have an amazing day guys and thank you for listening to my musings as always!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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