Got my first plane yesterday! I managed take-off okay and did not feel too sick thankfully! As of yet I have not seen many sights but have been able to look out of the window for views.

We left London Gatwick Airport after my very rocky travels getting there by having to walk half way round London just to locate London Bridge. Stupidly, I managed to of course get stopped by security when I had my liquids prohibited from my bag as they were over 100ml only to then have to buy them again three minutes later when I got to duty free.

.We were in the air until 7:22am this morning and stopped over in Dubai until 9:16am when we boarded our second plane in preparation to go to Entebbe. Food was good on flight, I had chicken with sautéed mushrooms and greens for dinner plus potato salad and forest fruits crumble for dessert. On the flight from Dubai to Entebbe I had a bowl of fruit with a mushroom omelette and chicken chipolatas and some croissant with preserves for breakfast.

It is so exciting knowing I will soon be in Uganda and beginning my great adventure!

Tonight we stayed in a zoo where we were free to look around and view all the animals. There was everything from rhinos to lions and even the most adorable monkeys which I got a gorgeous photo of with my camera! DSC_0137

We stayed in a dorm at the zoo and the mosquito nets were in fact very pretty, I almost want some at home!

P.S, Grasshoppers are very noisy at night!