I decided to get the van in the end and to be honest I really thought I was going to regret it, however, I actually had an amazing day!

After breakfast which was chapatti with banana and pineapple everyone else boarded the boat who were doing the trek across Lake Bunyoni and we waited until it came back to board it and then we set off towards camp. After a short sleep on the bus I awoke to find us driving through a village. There we picked up the people who did not manage past the half way point and continued our journey until Vianney bought us some freshly cooked meze off of the streets. It tasted a little like extremely tough popcorn and wasn’t really to my taste but I still ate it and it was nice.


Cooked meze!

As we continued our journey the van stopped unexpectedly before Vianney told us to look out the window where we saw beautiful grey gibbons staring back at us. We fed the alpha male bananas and they got so close to us in the van. It was an amazing experience.

When we arrived at the campsite we saw a great amount of children standing outside the church watching us and could hear a great many more singing mass inside. After some deliberation with the other bus members we decided to attempt to talk to the kids. I carefully sat down on the ground at the bottom of the hill where most of them were stood and offered out my hand, they edged nearer but giggled and ran away whenever they got close enough to actually touch it.


The children!

Eventually one little girl high fived me, and then I was swarmed with children all wanting to high five the “muzungu”. I taught them many things such as knuckle-touching, shaking hands, the “bro” move from American movies and even cuddles to those who were trusting enough.

When they had learned my name I decided I wanted to go up to the church and look round, as I began to walk up to it, I was followed by a group of at least 20 children all excited and fascinated by everything that I did. When I entered the church, I could tell it was very basic, a simple wooden lectern and pews and windows without glass and just one drum in the corner.

Previously we had been welcomed by the vicar upon entering the church with the children. Now, as I came in, I was greeted by the second in-command minister who could see I was getting along well with the children and asked if I would like to teach them. He fetched the ladies of the church and we watched as the children sang and danced for us before I taught the kids and the ladies some more moves and sang for them too. Unfortunately however, all I could think of was “Saturday Night” and the “Hokie-Kokie”!

The women loved it and I had a great day at the end of it all even without doing the long hard trek! Everyone also returned and they looked shattered and thankfully I was happy about the fact I hadn’t gone!