Uganda Gorilla Trek Day Five 2017

Today in the morning we were treated to some gorgeous singing and entertainment from the children I met yesterday. They also showed us some of the stuff that they did in P.E. This consisted of showing us a new twist on the cat and mouse game which was most enjoyable!


Afterwards, we were asked if we would like to teach anything to the children and us being typically British, we taught them no less than the “Hokie-Kokie” again and the “Macarena”. The children, although confused at times, seemed to enjoy it which was really lovely to see!

When we left the children, we headed back to the bus on a one hour bus ride which headed us into Kisuro town. Here, we sat down at a place called the Coffe Pot Café for what can only be described as some of the best food we have had since arriving! It was a FOUR course meal of chapatti and guacamole, followed by a vegetable soup, then meatballs, rice and fried potatoes and finally a fruit salad consisting of watermelon, banana and melon.

When we had finished eating it was time to have a little shop. I topped up my phone with 10,000 Africell shillings and then perused a shop next to the Coffee Pot Café which sold traditional Ugandan wood carved statuettes etc.

Later, we hiked through town to where we arrived at a coffee tour. It was most interesting to learn how coffee was grown in Africa and to see the different stages of its development before mass production. We tried some coffee beans and coffee and even got some souvenir coffee beans to take home. Coffee is not my thing but I will give them to my mum. The coffee farmers were such wonderful people and I would definitely come back again.

When we finished at the coffee tour we walked down the hill to the speed boat all the while being followed by children all wanting money and high-fives.


We sailed over to our campsite and without lying to you it was the most amazing small island all alone only populated by two other people. Normally, others would pay thousands of pounds to experience this!

We played card games in the evening followed by a delicious dinner of rice, noodles, beef, vegetables in gravy and Irish potatoes. It was so good and I even got myself a soda (Coca-Cola) for 2,000 shillings. All in all a lovely night.

I am worried about tomorrow since I have to make the tough decision about whether I want to tackle the 2 hour up hill trek to the next camp which I know full well I am going to find so hard. Everyone here says I will regret it if I don’t and have said they will wait for me but I don’t know if I am emotionally ready to take it on. We’ll see tomorrow…


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