I’m doing it. I decided to go on the trek in the end after the persuasion from the girls last night. We set off early this morning and the day consisted of walking up many different terrains and hills. It was disheartening to fully be followed by a group of children who just wouldn’t stop laughing at me every time I struggled to get up a hill!

Thankfully we soon arrived at a place called Chameleon Hill which was a restaurant/bar/hotel/craft shop which was absolutely lush. We stopped to hang out there by a beautiful view and also got to check out the craft shop which only sold items made by the locals. I (after some deliberation) bought myself a yellow gorilla ornament which had the Ugandan flag painted onto its legs and the map of Uganda on it’s back too!

Shortly after we did this and met the doggies that the owners had we sat down for lunch. I treated myself to a Cola at 2000 shillings and started lunch with a potato and carrot soup which although a little watery, was very yummy! This was followed by a really scrumptious spag bowl and finished with a fruit salad consisting of watermelon, banana and pineapple.

It was an amazing place to be and the whole group got a group photo with our guides Owen and Vianney afterwards.


Vianney (top right) and Owen (fourth in bottom right)

Soon after, we continued our trek until we reached camp which was situated just outside the Bwindi rainforest. We sat up camp and had our first hot shower since Edirisa which was an absolute dream. When done showering we made our way down to dinner whichwas in a gorgeous little wooden bar with long tables and heavy wooden chairs which made me feel like a king!

Dinner consisted of pumpkin soup for starter, chicken curry for main and banana fritters for desert. All extremeley tasty! Uganda is great in terms of food for me since I do not like spice, and here they do not really have any so things like chicken curry are still super yummy!

We soon went to bed but not before I played superhero in our tent getting out a spider with one of the girls’ travel journals. It was hilarious. Tomorrow is gorilla day and it is going to be such a struggle but I am 100% ready for it! Bring it on!