An early start today at 5:30am to begin travelling. We were due to go to the NRE Camp today and must get there before dark. We set off and I slept most of the time reading my Empire magazine once every now and again before a brief stop at the petrol station and stocking up on food and my favourite African jam Zesta, we drove for 10 hours. Continuously.

At one point, there was an issue where my friend borrowed my magazine and as she opened up one of the pages two extremely large cockroaches came crawling out. It was terrifying! When we arrived at the NRE Camp we unpacked our stuff in the dorm room called Cormorant and treated ourselves to the AMAZING hot showers, the best since we have been here and then headed off to the bar.

Turns out the Ugandans love to drink but I can’t keep up with them and they don’t really drink anything that I like. The whole bar was littered with spirits and I ended up with a Smirnoff Ice Black! After one or two of these I decided to try gin before the Source of the Nile activity tomorrow (where we get drunk in the middle of the Nile in kayaks) and oh my goodness was I in for a shock!

The gin was 43% and it was cheaper to buy a quadruple shot than to get multiple doubles so that’s what I did. One turned into three and before we knew it, we were all a little tipsy dancing to “muzungu” music at the bar. One man even asked me if I had a boyfriend and whether or not I would consider having his half cast babies. Of course I said no and soon after tottered off to bed a little drunk and ready for my first rest day of the trip.