It’s our first rest day! Everyone woke up a little disorientated after last night and needless to say I treated myself to a lovely fry up for breakfast at the NRE Camp. After lazing around for a while I decided to head into Jinja town with some of the girls to see what there was.

We hired a car for 20,000 shillings and arrived at the top of the high street and made our way down. The shops are all very similar selling similar things and owner all trying to negotiate prices with us so that we will buy their products. I negotiated many prices and bought some pink and black elephant harem pants and a hair band, small child’s dress for my niece, a clay mug with an elephant on it, a Uganda bracelet and a necklace made from rolled up paper for my mother.

At the end of our long stroll up the high street we went to a place called The Deli at the top of the high street to buy a drink. I ordered a really scrumptious strawberry infused lemonade which admittedly was a little too sweet but still really good. After finishing, we set off back to the NRE Camp with another cab we had ordered from a local guy called Robert for 20,000 shillings.

When we got back we had an hour before Source of the Nile and so I decided to have a little lunch. The NRE Camp claims to have the best burgers on the Nile and by golly are they right! I ordered a cheeseburger and it came with scrumptious chip shop chips too. Along with a juice I was read to go to the Source of the Nile. We finished up our food and headed to our dorms to put on our swimming costumes.

We then went to the Nile Explorers part of the camp and got a briefing from Russel and David and Robbie (our guides) and were fitted with our lifejackets and helmets before setting off in two vans for the Source of the Nile. Upon arrival we ran to the toilet briefly and then stripped off into our swimming costumes so we could get in the water.

We split off into kayaks of two and were split into two groups so our kayak bars (alcohol bars) were not shared. We sailed off with our group and stopped off at one point in the Nile to crack open the gin and mixers and beer and begin the fun! I had three triples and it’s safe to say that I was well and truly merry by this point!

As we kept sailing we finally hit some white water rapids and saw a sign which said “The Source of the Nile” where we used one of the lads GoPros to take a photo of ourselves. Then, a family came out of the hut at the Source of the Nile and took a photo of us with their kids on an iPad. As we headed back to our kayaks the family asked for an email address to send the photo to and I offered up mine. I am excited for when I get home to check it out! (This never arrived I am sad to say.)

After getting back in the kayaks very merrily indeed we mucked around in the Nile water and swapped kayaks around before paddling to shore where we met a mini bar and toilets. Struggling to even speak I went to the toilets and headed to the vans at the top and got dressed.

Upon arriving back at the NRE Camp I had a shower and headed to the bar for dinner. I ordered fish and chips which took FOREVER but in the meantime got drunk once again on quadruple gins and Smirnoff Ices being asked by more Ugandan local men if I had a boyfriend! Heading to bed earlier this time we packed together our things to head to the playground tomorrow and went to sleep.