Today we got up early and charged our electricals ready for our first time at the playground which is what we came here for! Our intern took us to the front of the NRE Camp after we had packed up our stuff onto the vans and took us to a Rolex stand. For anyone who does not know what a Rolex is, it is a chapatti which is cooked with anything from eggs, to meat to Nutella and banana and rolled together to make breakfast. I had a cabbage, tomato, egg and onion one which was super good.

When we devoured them we boarded the bus and headed to the school where we would be volunteering. After a sleepy ride we arrived at Hill View Primary School. We were greeted by some extremely kind people who helped us carry our bags into the classrooms where we would be sleeping. The room was sweetly put together with eurofoam mattresses on the floor and multiple coloured malaria mosquito nets, (mine was pink) and sheets covering us from the outside.



My bed!


We me the builders over some fruit. (Peter, Richard, David (Big D), and Sadiki.) Sadiki was the head builder who showed us around and explained where the building tools were and what we would be using to do each part. After, we got stuck in digging and it was honestly so hard! We finished a couple of holes and then got to do some creative play with the kids.

The creative play entailed sitting with the kids in one of their classrooms and following the creative play guide, Herbert, in making a paper lantern with them. When we finished we played heads down, thumbs up and wink murder with them which they loved and thoroughly enjoted until we had dinner. Dinner was cooked by our EAP chef Veronica who is an amazing cook!

After dinner we went straight to bed, ready for another day. It rained so badly, thunder and tropical lightening, rain creating pools of mud on the ground it was that bad!