Second day of building we were up at 6:30am to get a move on. After eggy bread and a banana we continued to dig the holes the we had began yesterday. Digging was super hard and we used pick axes, hoes, shovels and our hands to remove boulders from holes and dig deeper ones for the equipment to go into.

There are about 21 different aspects of the playground to be built and this involves a climbing frame, a xylophone, a shop (radio + clinic), two drums, a tunnel, a zigzag snake, a dome, monkey bars, a giraffe, two zebras, a ludo board, a chequers board, swings, boda bodas, cars and some see soars.

We dug all morning which was super hard using a spike and created the holes for most of the frames to be slotted into after completion. Sadiki asked if anyone would like to do the first bit of painting on the drums and see soars and I volunteered after the sheer hard work of digging.

Sadiki asked us what colours to do the drums and see soars and we said red and purple for the drums, and orange and blue for the see soars. I was on drum duty and painted all afternoon. We stop at 10am every day for fresh watermelon and pineapple breaks which is super refreshing. We have had more thunder and lightening today too which is scary!

After our day of building we had more arts and play booked with the kids and today we were making personality plants. I sat on the school benches with the children and began to discuss with them their personalities. Although having the ability to speak English, they are shy and therefore not extremely confident in speaking to us. The girls more so than the boys however.

You can see such a difference between the ambitions of the children here and how different they are to those at home though, the girls I spoke to want to be lawyers and scientists. I really hope they achieve that. We also made the personality plants as well as the kids and it was very enlightening to realise the struggle of admitting the good things about yourself rather than the negative for once.

After we finished the arts and play we left the kids and chilled out for a while before we had dinner and then got ready for bed. The mosquito nets are a real life saver with all these mosquitos around!