We had to continue digging the holes and removing the boulders today so that they were perfectly rounded. Herbert, our creative play leader for Uganda is an absolute machine for removing boulders, he uses a spike and a pick-axe and he removes in seconds what would take me an hour or more!

We dug all morning and some people cemented holes that had already been dug before we stopped for our fruit break. In the afternoon I had a go at cementing which is extremely hard and really hurt my wrist since we mixed it by hand with shovels and other members of the group began painting the shop.

At creative play, Hubert got us to play over under with the children which is a game where you pass a ball across a line of people frequently going over and under their heads and swapping the leader until the original leader is back at the beginning again. After, we also played Splat! Which the kids loved which is a game where you stand in a circle and when one person is shot, the two people either side of that person have a duel and shout Splat! at the other in order to stay alive. Both games were good fun and the kids did seem to really enjoy them.

After some relaxation time we had dinner and then Herbert taught us a little L’Ugandan which is the national main language spoken in Uganda other than in separate clans. The main thing I remember was “centermeca?” which essentially means “how much?” in English! It will surely help when I am shopping in town and negotiating for bargains on various things!

It is amazing to learn other languages and understand them. I shall have to add L’Ugandan onto my list of languages I want to become fluent in including Russian and German!