We woke up today pretty excited since we would be going to Jinja town later today! After breakfast we began painting the frames which had been put in place such as the shop, the dome and the sebras and the triangular house roof for the climbing frame.

Two of the girls even signatured our work by adding the EAP logo to the roof. Some more cementing and digging was also done which was good as it meant we were closer to being able to paint.

After our lunch we all headed off to the EAP headquarters and were given a tour from the welder Godfrey who showed where the frames are built and where other shops are kept before being installed in the playgrounds. We also got to check out the workshops and see some of the other workers there before we left. Andy King, our EAP work colleague also told us about the work that EAP is doing in partnership with Unicef making refugee camps for the children of the Sudan refugee crisis. There are plans to build over 200 more refugee camps for these kids. On top of this, we found out that there is a great demand for the work of EAP and there is a 2 year waiting list for these that would like a playground.

EAP has a process where they meet with the school and decide whether they would benefit from a playground and whether or not they would care for it. However, this is different if there is demand for a refugee playground since this is bumped to the top as a matter of urgency. When Andy had finished telling us about the playgrounds we were all given helmets and rode boda-bodas into town.

My friend and I got one together and surprisingly they are really great fun, clinging onto a naff motorcycle and being driven around the roads of Africa. When we got off at Jinja we went to the Bank of Africa and got some shillings as well as dollars for the day. I searched the shops heavily for squash since I could no longer cope with water here and found some stuff called Sun-Sip! in an apple flavour.

I searched the shops with my friends but found nothing I really wanted. There could be more on the next rest day. We met back at The Deli after shopping where it became known to me that I had in fact lost my helmet for the boda-bodas. Thankfully we were getting a bus back to the school.

On the way home however, we stopped at a restaurant called All Friends where I had two sodas, a calzone and some chips which I shared. My stomach did not agree with it and this must be due to the change in diet. But it was good nonetheless!

When we got back I poured myself some of the new apple juice which FYI tastes extremely weak no matter how much juice you put in it! We had dinner and then headed off to bed after a long day.