Today we are doing nothing fun other than building, however I do find some comfort in being informed that we are going to the pool tomorrow. Today is mainly painting since the majority of the frames have been cemented into place. There is still a little cementing to be done but I volunteered to paint simply because I don’t want to do cementing.

We painted all day and basically finished the painting altogether! There were a few other sections that had to be completed after the paint had dried such as doing the final touches on the helicopter and finally replacing the dirt surrounding the frames on top of the cement so that it was safe for the children to play on when we finally have open day on Tuesday.

As much as today has been hard work and I still feel that I am disliked by many members of the group, I am super happy that we have basically finished the playground! After a long day we sat down for more of Veronica’s delicious food and then headed to bed, but not before going outside and playing “What’s The Time Mr. Wolf?”, “Splat!” and “Bulldog” with the kids.