It’s pool day! This morning we got up and finished the rest of the painting so that we could head to the pool. Amazingly, we finished early and got to go to the pool! We were super excited since it was such a hot day and I was even ready to get in my swimming costume so that we could all go in together!

I threw on my leggings and a tee and we all clambered into the van to head to the hotel. We listened to music all the way there and upon arrival were greeted by a lovely hotel with awesome views and a gorgeous pool.

All of us girls went straight to the showers and got undressed ready to get in the pool. I wore a black swimming costume with a corset effect down the front and pink flip flops which were 90p from Primark! We all headed to the pool which had a swim up bar which is amazing! Unfortunately, however, after a little swimming around the clouds turned dark and it began to rain and therefore we did not decide to stay much longer.

I was determined however to have my drink before I got out! I had ordered Malibu and pineapple juice for 12,000 shillings. I waited for it and then got out the pool to drink it whilst shivering and eventually walked back up the steps to the showers where I was able to get clean of chlorine and all the dirt that had been collected on my body over all the time on the playground.

The hotel was part of a group in Uganda called Mada Hotels which I would definitely return to. The shower which I made use of was not as awesome as I had hoped in terms of water since it was the tiniest stream I have ever showered under, however, the after feeling was amazing.


Then, we went to the lobby to charge our phones and make use of the wifi before I ordered a calzone and some chips. The food was really yummy and I did consider a dessert but decided against it in the end. On the ride back there was the most magnificent thunderstorm which at first was just huge bolts of lightening but over night turned into a huge thunderstorm and the rain kept pouring all night long.


Highlight of the day however, has to be when at the pool some woman’s food got highjacked by a capuchen monkey who was jumping around the pool and ran off with it! Funny day!