Today we leave this school with it all being finished to touch up another.

We were not originally due to leave until Saturday, however when we woke up this morning there was nothing more to do on the playground other than to clear away the reminance of building tools and papers which had been left on the floor.

After a little confusion about whether there was accommodation that could be prepared quick enough we set off to our next playground. This one had been built four years ago by the EAP team and we were going back there in order to repaint the tires and metal frames so they look young and new again.

The school we arrived at was much posher than the last we were at. Most strikingly, however, was in my opinion hilarious “scare-mongering” words painted on all the walls around the school. Stuff like “defilement will take boys to prison” and “do not accept gifts for sex”.

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The playgrounds were definitely in need of some work judging by the lack of paint and obvious presence of dirt on all the tires and frames. All the boys were placed in the main section of the school whilst us girls were asked to follow through lots of greenery until we met many blind children. It transpired that there was a part of the school which had been segregated off for the blind children of Jinja town.

I thought it was an amazing idea and we were even introduced the blind teachers. It is such an amazing thing to see and experience since we arrived rather late in the day it was decided that there wasn’t really much point in starting any work because by the time we had prepared and mixed all the paint it would almost be nightfall. Therefore, we hung up the mosquito nets in the room and laid out all our things before Herbert took us on a small outing to Jinja town which conveniently was only based at the top of the road!

I got myself a large canister of mango squash and a small squash Ribena as well as some Dairy Milk chocolate and pizza flavoured Pringles. Set myself up for the night! After making use of the wifi in the Igar café we headed back to the school and met some of the children. Veronica cooked us dinner which among other things included Posho which is the national food of Uganda. Posho is essentially mashed maize.

I really am not in the mood to start working but we have to. I was designated to work on the big playground since I missed the volunteering for the smaller one which I would have preferred. There was a smaller playground for the blind children and a bigger one for the able. Thankfully it was just a case of painting this one.

We spent the whole day painting and had genuinely almost finished the playground by the time it was 4pm. We had dinner back at our accommodation and got to know some of the kids. I spent a lot of my time with a 9 year old Albino girl called Gifty and another boy called Musachi. Gifty was extremely talented proving herself to be very skilled in the field of herbology. It was really fascinating.


After a few card games we went to bed, ready to finish the playground tomorrow.