Hey gang! So it will be news to many of you that this year I am one of the new Overseas Co-Ordinators at Bournemouth RAG.

Many of you will not know about RAG nor the conference (as didn’t I before I went the past week). RAG derives from an act many years ago when charity volunteers at universities would go out with rags and give them to homeless people so they had clothes and over the years has developed into standing for Raising and Giving for some RAGs. However, some are called Carnival, Karnival, RAD and many more, so this is not all RAG is about.

RAG is a society if you like at universities which sets challenges overseas and at home for volunteers to engage in and raise money for many people all over the world. I engaged in one of these challenges this year when I went to Uganda with East African Playgrounds to help build playgrounds for the children there.

I chose to become a part of RAG because of this reason and enjoying the overseas and voluntourist element of fundraising so much. RAG is opening so many doors for me with making new friends and the conference was a real eye-opener.

Every year a different university hosts the RAG conference and this year it was held at Southampton. Upon arrival our head of RAG gave us our hoodies and polos which had our RAG positions and names written on them. After this we went and registered where we were given lots of freebies like a canvas bag and pens etc.

The whole point of the conference is to listen to different impactors from other universities and charities and not only network with them but learn from them how you can make your RAG better and influence people in the world to help fundraise.

The whole weekend was very informative and I must say that the fun element of the whole thing was great. Especially doing karaoke and the quiz! Yes, I did rap Nicki Minaj to a room full of people.

The best part of the week however, would have to be the awards evening. Held by Radio 1’s Dev he read out the names of the RAGs who had done best in particular areas that year and he even awarded us at Bournemouth RAG the award for Local Impact Project of the Year.


The food was really yummy and the event was held at Southampton Football Club. We even got to wander onto the pitch for a while. The event was followed up by a trip to Southampton’s nightclub Oceana.