This morning we had to prepare for leaving to go to NRE for our last few nights together before some people went home and others of us would embark on extension trips. I am super excited since it is also meant to be horse riding along the Nile that I booked today.

We spent the morning helping to pack up our things and saying goodbye to the little pups who I have the greatest wishes for. The bus driver was running late which meant I was pushed for time for getting to horse riding on time.

The finished playground:

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I ran off the bus leaving other people to unload any belongings and ran down to the water front at NRE and no one came along for ages. Our intern told me to wait a little longer so I did and a small boat pulled up asking if I was horse riding and I said yes. He then asked me to wait while he found out who else was doing it which I did and then our intern came down unexpectedly. He informed me that the horses that could hold the participants’ weight had been entered into competitions in Kenya that day which made me so angry as I had waited so long just to be told that.

Instead, I went back to the NRE bar and quickly signed up to do quad biking as I really did not want to be left with nothing to do that day. At 10:45 we went round the corner to where quad biking was held and got dressed in the overalls they had for us. I also had to wear goggles, a neck scarf and a helmet which made me feel like a bloody land girl from WWII or something! We picked our bikes, took a few snaps and took a little test run on a small track.


I can’t drive a manual car but I can drive a manual quad bike for some reason, even if I was in first for a lot of it! When we finished on the test track we made our way to the main road where we drove around villages and even along the Nile for a short while which was great! I really enjoyed it and although I would have loved horse riding, it was a pretty good alternative!


After a quick shower at NRE, I went to the bar to meet up with everyone else and ordered myself a burger which took THREE hours to arrive! However, when I did finally get it they gave me two because it was 2 for 1 Fridays at NRE which I guess was a nice surprise even though I couldn’t finish both!

I then had a few drinks and headed to bed ready for the day tomorrow.