It’s the school open day! I wore my orange and white harem pants and my EAP top and had my camera at the ready for some great photos at the school.

I started the day at breakfast with some fruit salad and yoghurt from NRE. We shortly after left to go to the school where we had built our playground and were greeted by the old building team and Veronica our cook. The playground area had been decorated so lovely by the school including flowers and foliage on the school poles and bunting hung in front of the playground which we had made in creative play the week before.


Veronica led us to the small teaching house where we had a celebratory dinner of beef on the bone, Irish potatoes, sticky rice, chick on the bone and some posho. The food was amazing and all the teachers and cooks had dressed up and were all looking so lovely.

After lunch we went down to the main school playground where the chalkboard said what the day was and what the school motto was. There was a head table, prepared for teachers which had flowers on and we had been given plastic chairs to sit on. We were surrounded by children and parents on the pews next to us which seemed almost wrong considering many of them were much older than us!


The program was laid out for us and there was a microphone and stereo equipment prepared so everyone could hear clearly.


We had only got through a couple of speeches when we heard it beginning to rain and in Africa, when it rains, it RAINS. So, the playground was wet and the tin roofing on the classroom meant that it was hard to hear the speech though there was a microphone. Instead, for a while, we enjoyed some entertainment from the children and then finished the speeches as the rain died down.

Even though the rain hadn’t ceased we headed outside and got together to open the playground officially. We were told the children would not play on it which we were all devastated about because we all really wanted to see that because it had been raining.

However, as soon as our intern and a young school girl snipped the bunting in half, the children raced on all the frames, the swings seemingly being most popular.


It was one of the most heart-warming sights seeing the children so happy on the equipment. The kids loved having photos taken and wouldn’t stop asking me for them. Even one mother asked me to photograph her with her daughters.

DSC_0064 (1)

It was an amazing day there and the boys even got to hold some chickens before we left!

DSC_0207 (1)

It was bizarre to see how the other culture lives, back to our roots on cooking, especially in terms of animals!

Please check out the photos of the whole playground opening day below:


When we got back to NRE it seemed almost emotional to a lot of people because it was our last night together before extension trips or people going home. Admittedly, I was less emotional since I was excited for the extension trip!
I went and packed my bag and then returned to the bar to wish my goodbyes to everybody and have a little chocolate before my early safari tomorrow morning! I hope you’re ready for me animals!