Today we begin the safari! Up at 5:30am we had our stuff packed and ready to go and we headed onto the Buffalo Safari Camps bus in order to start our adventure! We had a packed breakfast along the ride of fruit salad, chapatti and boiled eggs. We saw some more of the baboons that we had seen previously on the trek as we were driving. There was even a baby one!


Omg so cute!

At 12pm we stopped at the beautiful Karuma falls for lunch which was a chapatti wrap with tomato, onion, pepper, chicken and quiche prepared by our fab chef Robert! It was so tasty!


Karuma Falls

We then continued our drive until we reached Murchison Falls National Park which is almost as big as Rwanda itself for a short game drive! On the ride we saw giraffes, more baboons, warthogs, antelopes and buffalos! It was so cool and one baboon even jumped on our van bonnet and looked through the window at us!

At 5:30pm we arrived at the banks of the Nile and awaited our boat to arrive for our boat cruise. Whilst waiting, we had warthogs all around us and all I could think about was Pumba from The Lion King movie. I took loads of photos and one even came over to all of us and got extremely close!

Soon after our boat arrived and we got in and began our cruise along the Nile. We had two rangers with us who showed us all the sights. We saw hippos in the water, a crocodile on a log, lizards, kingfishers and other creatures in the bushes. We even saw giraffes on the banks which were so majestic and beautiful. Buffalos are around too and we saw loads of other creatures in the water too. A praymantis even came to sit on my hand for a while.

We were offered sodas on the trip and I got a cola. As we neared the falls there were white water rapids and foam collections in the water. The waterfall was stunning as it came into view, it was huge and it was in fact known to be the most powerful waterfall in the world!

DSC_0537 (1)

We pulled up in the bushes at the foot of Murchison Falls and followed our guide to trek to our campsite. We climbed a little way and snapped some photos of the fall and in the back we could see another waterfall. Our guide told us a storm created it in 1962 and it’s now named Freedom Falls. At the foot of it there was a dead hippo on it’s back which had been washed up and an alligator on a rock not too far away from it. We had to be careful since if it smelt us it might attack.

As we continued on the track we noticed the floor was super glittery. It turned out that it was all fool’s gold. Years ago it had been found and people tried to sell it but it was deemed worthless. Now it is just there.


DSC_0568 (1)

Fool’s gold trail!

On the floor the ranger showed us hippo tracks, I didn’t even know they could climb that high! The prints were huge and the ranger even showed us a part of the broken sand at the edge of the trail where it was obvious the hippo had almost fell.
DSC_0555 (1)
We continued up until we saw the most beautiful part of the fall, the source. It as called Devil’s cauldron and we were so close to it that it was essentially raining on us because the droplets were splashing out so hard and fast. We got some great photos there and then kept walking up the hill to where we were lucky enough to see some gorgeous views of the Nile and neared the end of the trail.
On the way however, I did manage to rip my hiking boot and also we found the skull of a hippo which by the way is absolutely huge!
DSC_0679 (1)


When we got to the top of the trail we met our driver Roger who drove us to our campsite at the Red Chilli Rest Camp. It was a nice place and our chef Robert made a gorgeous chilli con carne (without spice just for me!) and then we chatted a while before bed. I am super excited for the main part of the safari tomorrow!


P.S. On the way to the toilet I saw a centipede!