So, apparently last night there was a hippo walking through camp as I slept right next to our tents which I had no idea about! So funny! We were up bright and early at 5:30am again today since we had to catch the early ferry to do the game drive so that we were more likely to see the nocturnal animals like lions.

We crossed on the first ferry which was super lucky for us as it meant among five other buses we would be the first into the park that day.

The roof of our van opened up so we could see out and of course it began to rain. Hilariously some people mentioned that it reminded them of the rainforest district in Zootopia which made me laugh a lot.

DSC_0691 (1)

As we entered the park we were greeted by thousands of antelope and buffalo and multiple birds. We even saw some Maribou Storks which are really common in Uganda and are quite ugly among being dirty and vicious. We saw the national bird, the Crested Crane too.

DSC_0849 (1).JPG DSC_0733 (1)

As we went along the trail we saw three lionesses really far in the distance. There were loads of giraffes right in front of our van which was super cool. During our break we went to the pond where the hippos lay which was awesome. They seemed fairly mellow in their little swamp.

DSC_0880 (1).JPG DSC_0816 (1).JPG

We girls needed the toilet shortly after and were forced to go in a bush in the middle of the savannah. Some American woman called Pam was taking photos of her and all her friends and I had to hilariously waddle naked to the side so that I wasn’t caught up in said photo.

DSC_0833 (1).JPG

In total we drove about 3 hours and our driver even stopped at one point suspecting a leopard to be present but we couldn’t see it, and then as we turned the corner we saw a fresh antelope kill with Marabou storks feasting on the leftovers.

DSC_0785 (1).JPG

As we finished the drive we came back through the park to the ferry and went back to our campsite. We did have a little look at the shop but the only t-shirt Iliked in there wasn’t my size unfortuantely. When finished at the shop we got in the van and had to drive to Mosind; where we had lunch. I ordered a Sallie’s Special pizza which had very hard dough but still filled a hole.

After food we went back to the van and drove to the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Funnily, the school was called “Hakuna Matata” and there was a sign outside the sanctuary itself which said “Enter at your own risk”. A bit of a juxtoposition methinks.

DSC_0851 (1).JPG

Dinner was a South African dish I can’t pronounce but was still super good. When we went to the toilet there was a massive dung beetle on it’s back that we had to save and then when I finished on the toilet I was attacked by dragonflys. Oh dear it was scary!

We saw a rhino on the way to camp today, I can’t wait to see more tomorrow.