Uganda Gorilla Trek Day Twenty Four 2017

EAP provided us with 5000 shillings each to get a Rolex (a chapatti with egg and veg rolled) and a large bottle of water for the day. I woke up bright and early at 6:30am naturally and I think because of the flight stress and got ready.

After checking into my flight online and finishing my Rolex our truck arrived to take us to the airport. Excitingly, we were also greeted by our old driver Sula who had driven us all through the trek. From then we arrived at the airport.

It was an exhausting but smooth flight home. I watched two movies, one called Hacker and the other called Arrival. Both good and were excellent entertainment before I finally touched down with all my luxuries again.

Unfortunately, the chessboard I bought had smashed when I got home. But I honestly had the time of my life on this trek and I can’t wait to do more like it.

If any of you readers would like the opportunity to go on this trek then please go to the East African Playgrounds Website and sign up for your relative University or the regular volunteer section. It really is once in a lifetime and I recommend it highly!


With love,

Emma xxxx


5 thoughts on “Uganda Gorilla Trek Day Twenty Four 2017

  1. That photo looks so cool! How are you liking Uganda so far? We’re going in November, anything we need to be aware of? And best places to go see? Anything to bear in mind in terms of safety?
    Cheers from London,

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    1. Hey Finja,

      Uganda was honestly one of the best experiences of my entire life. I saw some amazing culture and got to meet the children who were so humble.
      The sites are more breath taking than I could ever write to you and are something I would honestly urge you to see for yourself.
      It’s so awesome that you’re considering going in November!
      In terms of things to be aware of, just make sure you are respectful in terms of how you dress. The people of Uganda are smart and the men often wear suits while the women wear lovely dresses, so try to cover your shoulders and cleavage and do not wear things like hotpants or leggings without covering your behind. Uganda does not have dangerous animals in the parts that I went but just make sure if you go in the Nile you are safe and have someone to look after you. Look into Bilhazia tablets when you get back too as if you enter the Nile you will more than likely have contracted Bilhazia whilst being in there.
      In terms of the best places I would definitely say Chameleon Hill, the equator, NRE Camp and definitely some of the local restaurants. Lake Bunyoni is also amazing run by Edirisa I think it was called or deffo similar!
      I hope this is helpful and please comment your photos when you get back as I’d love to see!

      Emma xxxx

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      1. Hey Emma, thanks so very much for all these details! Now only need to get the visa, a yellow feaver vaccination (i hear these are the requirements to enter,or) and then ready to go!ahh!!:)


      2. Hey!

        Yes you definitely do need the Yellow Fever vaccination as otherwise you will not be allowed in the country, make sure you get that two weeks before you leave.

        Also keep in mind you need other vaccinations so go to your local travel clinic before flying out or you could get extremely ill! DO NOT forget your malaria tablets either!

        Have fun and safe travels! 🙂

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