So we were up bright and early to head to Stanstead airport where my girls and I would shortly be boarding the plane to Berlin! Admittedly, I had never flown Ryanair and this was going to be my first one so I was nervous! After of course getting stopped at security as per my luck I was searched and they found nothing and therefore we continued through security until we reached boarding. After showing our boarding passes we went onto the plane!

Ryanair was such a different experience to the previous one I had had in Uganda with Emirates. Ryanair was squishy, tight and had awful colour schemes. Then again I was going on a mini break holiday to Berlin for £80 so I shouldn’t be complaining! After the air hostess showed us all the safety features we set off for Berlin! Absolutely shattered, I slept on the plane all the way until we arrived in Germany.

Upon arrival we went through security once more until we boarded our first train to the hotel that my friend Megan had organised for us. We had a very mysterious welcome to the world of Berlin when we saw this intriguing poster…


Immediately I was interested and we all decided we would visit the Spy Museum itself before our stay in Berlin was over.


The room was actually rather lovely and the hallways were all painted with the most beautiful nautical artwork of sea planes and a captain of a ship and some lovely boats. The room was airy with huge windows which with one slip you’d find yourself on the pavement from and there was some nice artwork and a warm shower. Not bad for about £80 for the few days we were there!


We wanted to get out and see the city straight away so we made plans to go around the shops and such. We walked through the town of Berlin to get there and even stopped off at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church which was badly affected by the bombing raid in the 1940s. It was absolutely beautiful and although I couldn’t read any of the information, it was clear that this was a place of great memory and I lit a candle at the alter.


After checking out the church and looking at the range of shops where I found the most beautiful green floral cigarette pants and the other girls treated themselves to a few things, we went back to the hotel to get ready to have some dinner.

Berlin is very much like London but with less people which is actually rather refreshing because you can take in the architecture without having some man with a briefcase bash into you every five minutes.


We decided to check out a new place for dinner and found a little Italian restaurant just up the road from where we were staying. I ordered a really yummy three cheese pasta dish and we ended up taking some hilarious photos that looked like something out of a TV advert for “Travel To Berlin!”

After the super yummy dinner and a little confusion trying to work out the little English that the restaurant owners spoke we managed to pay for our dinner and then headed to the shops to grab some late night wine and snacks for the night!

The shop was so cheap other than bizarrely the water which I must admit we soon found was like the most expensive thing you could buy in Berlin! At like €2 a bottle! It was also pretty cool to see the DVDs on the shelves in German!



Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

We had a giggly evening in breathing in the warm night air of Berlin and were ready for another awesome day!