Today marked the last day of our travels in Germany! I am so sad to be leaving but it has been an absolute blast!

We started the day by grabbing some breakfast downstairs and making some on-the-go sandwiches ready for our trip to the spy museum which was our last sight we were going to be seeing before getting the plane back to England.

We got the tube to the museum and after getting a little lost in the town centre eventually managed to find where we were meant to be going. The outside of the museum was very mysterious with big spy flags hanging outside!

When we entered we were given these green tickets with a espionage character on the front. The wall ahead was covered in images of CCTV cameras and footage from the Anonymous group. It was insightful to the many different ways we are monitored.



Caught by the camera!

The museum was filled with wonderfully interesting things that reminded me greatly of things that are displayed in old and new espionage dramas!

Here are some photos:

There was also a laser section within the museum where you could try your best to act a as a spy and get through them. I turned out to not be very good!

After we explored the museum it was time to go home, we travelled to the airport and then made our way home! It was an amazing trip and I will always have fond memories of Berlin and the little hotel I spent all my time in there.