Hey lovelies!

I feel like I haven’t been so involved with the blog as of late and I want to get some more activity back onto it like I used to with some exciting new content!

One thing I have recently gotten into as a result of my fundraising is actually candle making! It is so simple and easy to do and rather rewarding too!

To make your own candles you will need some resources, and they’re so cheap too! They came to less than £20 for me!


  • Jars (12 from Wilko for £6)
  • Paraffin Wax (I got mine on Amazon for £9.83)
  • Wicks and adhesives (I got 100 on Amazon for £6.39)
  • A deep pan
  • A metal or glass jug to sit in the pan
  • Wax melts (I got Chupa Chups flavours from Poundland)


  1. Fill the pan with water and bring it to the boil, about half full should be fine.
  2. Take one of your jars and get the wax, fill the jar and pour the amount in the jug, do this once more since two scoops of the size of the jar should fill it after it has melted perfectly!
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3. Meanwhile, get the jar and attach your wick to the double sided tape, stick the other side of the tape onto the bottom of the jar and use the metal leveller to keep it up straight.


4. Let the wax melt until it turns into a clear liquid and then you want to put one of your wax melts into the liquid to add colour and scent.

5. When the wax melt has completely melted then you need to pour it into the jar. As you pour be careful not to slip the wick into the wax as this will defeat the point of making it a candle! And remember not to touch the wax as it will burn you if it sticks to your skin!


6. Leave the candles to set. Unfortunately unless you buy one pour wax then you will have to top these up with some more wax later to make them level.


7. When you have finished the candles then you can decorate them and make them your own! I made Valentine’s themed ones!


I am selling the candles I made above for Valentine’s Day and they can be made to be personalised! They are £5 each and you must pay postage and packing if you aren’t able to collect! If you want one of your own please leave a comment below!
I’d also be super interested to see what your candles look like if you give this a try!


With love,

Emma xxxx