Hey lovelies!

It’s been super busy here as of late and I have been so preoccupied with my fundraising that I just haven’t had time to post here! Also what may interest some of you who generally like to read the travel section of this blog I have some awesome adventures lined up for you all to read about this year including Ireland, Iceland, Belgium or Amsterdam (tbc) and possibly Budapest!! It will be amazing.

Going to university is great for some people but just focussing on work all the time can be boring and everyone will chirps in your ear about making the most of your experience but there is more to it than just doing shots on a Saturday night and making friends!

  1. Join a society! – I signed up to many societies in my first year but didn’t really do anything with it, it wasn’t until I gained a committee member position on RAG (Raising and Giving) in my second year that I really found out what the value was. You can make so many new friends and the opportunities are endless. Being involved in your SU (Students Union) will always benefit you too because there’s almost a newfound sense of respect that comes with it, people look up to you and regard you as someone who is important to the SU because of your role.

2. Learn to cook! – We mainly all only know how to cook beans on toast when we get to university, thankfully I had a nan who knew lots of baking skills and therefore I didn’t struggle so much when I got here! If you learn to cook some great dishes, easy ones, generally from your international friends then you will realise talents you didn’t know you had and I promise it’ll perk you up!


3. Make connections! – Of course university life is all about meeting friends and making experiences but have many of you thought about where you will end up working afterwards? You can opt to go for any regular job but if you’re in a media degree for instance, like me, then have you ever thought that these people could be your future employers, or partners? You never know!


4. Sports! – Whether you’re super sporty or not there is usually something that you can get involved with! One sport that I liked was Zumba that you can do on campus for cheap! If you are into sport, the places are usually pretty cheap and such a good option in comparison to your local country club! (Even though that’s what I plumped for…)

5. Go on a trip! – Everyone that reads my blog knows that I left the country last year to trek in Uganda and this year I’ll be doing Iceland! This is a great way to add something awesome to your CV and also have fun making new friends!

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Comment below with any other activities that you think would help people make the most of their university experience! I hope these have helped you all!


With love,

Emma Reynolds