Alt. Discovery

Hey milklets!

So I have an awesome announcement for you guys! I have been selected to be a part of the Nerve FM weeks that the student radio at Bournemouth University have been allowed to do.

My show is called Alt. Discovery and I play alternative R&B music in the evenings. I like to play artists including The Weeknd, Kendrick Lamar, London Grammar and many more! It is awesome getting to be on the radio because you can talk to so many people all at one time and give opinions on current topics (although we do like to stay from anything too controversial).

The Nerve Radio has been online for the past few years and therefore to be on FM around Bournemouth is going to be absolutely huge! However you can see if it’ll reach you! The FM will be on 87.9 FM and will be broadcasting 24 hours a day by only students!

My slot will be on Friday evenings from 6pm – 8pm on the 20th April and 27th April! I will of course be doing an alert on all my social media to alert everyone beforehand. I am super excited to be doing it and if any of you have some good ideas for topics or games that you think I could broadcast on air then please comment them below this post! I’d really appreciate the help!

Here is my promo photo:

I hope you’ll all be able to listen into the FM period on the radio which will run 24 hours a day from 16th April – 29th! Remember to catch me on both the Fridays! 🙂



With love,

Emma xxxx


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