The Beast From The East, Storm Emma, And Ways To Keep Your Head Up!

Hey milklets!

I am well aware as are many of you about the Beast From The East that hit us recently and Storm Emma and the chaos they caused in the past weeks! I couldn’t even get home to Essex at one point because the ice had frozen around the wheels of the train and caused it to weld to the tracks. This was awful!

As much as I love the snow it was pretty heavy and even I struggled to be positive when it was around so I have come up with a few ways that you can enjoy your perfect snow day!

  1. Go outside and make snowballs! – Nothing beats going outside dressed head to toe in warm clothes and making snowballs and having fights with your friends!
  2. Make a cake – I love baking on cold winter days and making yummy treats to share with people! It’s a great way to keep warm!
  3. Have a duvet day with friends – it’s great to get everyone at your flat to pull out their duvets (or in your home with family!) and then do a movie marathon!
  4. Create something! – If you have a talent then why don’t you do some pottery or paint something, do something for you!
  5. Try some mindfulness – Do yoga or any other spiritual wellbeing activity that makes you happy. It is a good way to relax.

These are just a few of my ideas that can make you happy and positive on a day like that!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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