What Made Me Want To Be A Writer

Hey milklets!

We all have dreams and we all remember what exactly it was that we wanted to be when we younger. Some of us dressed up in tin foil and put a cardboard box on our backs pretending to be an astronaut. Others dressed up all in black and put their fingers in a “gun” shape and crept around the house pretending to be spies whilst listening to Mission Impossible. I on the other hand, wanted to be a million things!

I’m pretty sure for as young as I can remember I wanted to work for Dog’s Trust. I dreamt of working for them for so long and I still have a love for dogs today, however my job choice quickly changed when I went to school and I used to bake every other week with my nan when we would visit her on a Sunday. Being a writer never really occurred to me at all.

I remember there was one time where I had been to the cinema with my father and my sister and I had been t see the movie Nim’s Island. For some bizarre reason the film inspired me to write a story of my own. It was a silly little tale similar to Nim’s Island and there was a storm whilst the main character’s father was out at sea. When the girl went to save her father she realised the tornado that was out there was actually her mother and she called for the storm to stop. It ceased after this. And that was where it ended.

A silly thing for a young girl to write really and it didn’t much make sense but I remember that I loved writing it.

It wasn’t until I went to sixth form at Belfairs Academy and studied creative writing that I realised how much I used to enjoy writing. It wasn’t long after this that I started this blog up too.

I first starting writing a novel in sixth form which I submitted as a part of my coursework and it was a very deep and one day I do hope to get it published so I shan’t tell you too many details now, but I realised that when writing a novel, you can write about yourself in so many ways, the novel I am writing is essentially a huge metaphor for a time in my life I didn’t feel quite right.

When in sixth form I used to write a similar to Bridget Jones type story that I would release in sections with chapters that friends would read weekly and really liked! A friend recently reminded me of this when I saw them due to the fact that I have been writing much less as of late. It made me feel quite nostalgic because I have missed writing here on the blog, but coming back to it feels like I never left, like a writer back and honing their craft.

I have done so many things in my adult life to get into writing including writing for more than 8 blogs at one time, studying a degree in Screenwriting for Film & Television and also becoming an Editor for Bournemouth University Undergraduate Blogs. This was a great achievement for me especially since I got paid. The other amazing thing that I managed to use was StarNow where I entered a competition to have my poetry published and this was achieved too and that was my first properly published piece of work with my name on it.

I will soon do another post I think on how to get into writing!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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