Seven Things I learned From Being A Kid

Hey milklets!

Regardless of what some of us may and may not be able to agree on, there is one thing we have all had the pleasure of experiencing and that is being a kid. Being a kid can be tough and we can learn a lot of things from being one. Here are seven things that I learned from being a kid!

  1. That Adults Think You’re Younger Than You Are – When you’re a kid, everyone around you seems to treat like exactly what you are. But actually, you can be well ahead of your years in your mind! I certainly knew a lot more than I should have as a kid and I was so curious about everything, which I’m not sure many adults were very happy about!
  2. Mean People Aren’t Always Victims – I know when I was a kid, everyone told me that the people who bullied me were often bullies themselves and there was a reason that they were hurting me. However, I remember seeing some kids who actually weren’t being hurt, I knew their home lives and they mostly had a good life give or take, and there was no reason to bully anyone (not that I believe there ever is).
  3. If You Get Into The Family TV Show, You Don’t Have a Bedtime – Generally my family’s favourite TV shows were on at or after the watershed. I soon learned growing up as a kid that if you got into, or pretended that you were into this TV show then you would be able to stay up after bedtime because the family was too engrossed in the television to really remember you had one…
  4. Don’t Say The F Word – I remember as a kid I was standing on the step in my kitchen and I was rhyming words that sounded the same. Luck, Duck, Muck and then the inevitable F Word. I remember mum coming down on me like a ton of bricks for cursing, I never did it around her again until I was about 17!
  5. Become “The Man” – I discovered in primary school that boys gave you a lot of grief just for being a female, on top of this I discovered that if you become one of the gang, or you became stronger than the boys by fighting with them (something I’m not proud of) then they will probably leave you alone.
  6. Prawn Cocktail – I didn’t realise this but I learned as a kid that if you mix tomato sauce and mayonnaise together then you get Mary Rose sauce, which is also known as Thousand Island Sauce, used in prawn cocktail more often than not.
  7. Funny – Being funny gets you far, if you have a laugh and make as many friends as you can then you will have a lot of support. This works with building a rapport with the teachers, they end up being much more supportive.

What things did you learn as a kid?


With love,

Emma xxxx


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