One Day

Hey milklets!

I know that I am someone who has always wondered what it must be like to only have one day to live. It is also crazy to wonder what it must be like to have to fill that day with the last remaining things you can do. Today this is what I want to share with you all!

The first thing I would do if I had 24 hours left to live is I wouldn’t sleep. I would go to a nightclub at 12 midnight the time my 24 hours begins and party the night away with all my best and good friends, drinking and listening to all my favourite songs. When this ended I would pick up a yummy chicken kebab and revel in the final taste of that one more time.

I would call my family that morning and ask them to meet me at St. Pancras International in London where we would board the euro tunnel to Europe. I would spend the next 18 hours of my day parading the streets of Amsterdam, Belgium, France, however many I could fit in!

I would do many illegal things whilst being here including breaking into high security areas to see what is really hidden there. I would embarrass myself a million times over and sing at the top of my lungs with a group of people somewhere in the middle of Europe.

I’d kiss a man and ask him to be my husband for the day, maybe even marry me just for those few moments that I had left in the hope that I would be married before I go.

I would write a will at an office somewhere and dish out all my earthly items.

Finally, before I left I would hold my family tight and wish them luck in this magical world and thank them for the day they had with me. It would be sad but a beautiful place to leave the world in and a great way to have spent my last day on Earth.


With love,

Emma xxxx


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