How To Get Into Writing

Hey milklets!

I’m by no means an expert in writing at this point in my life, however I am now published and I am lucky enough to be a working, paid writer who has had some experience and has by no means come from a place where I had connections to get into writing. Today I want to share with you guys the ways in which you can get into writing if that’s what you want to do (this applies to you wannabe bloggers too!) and my journey into it.

It’s hard to pin point the exact moment I became a “writer” because in my mind the dream started at a different time to when I actually started. I started writing when I was just a kid but I didn’t start dreaming of being a writer until sixth form.

The way I first got into writing was by setting up this blog that you guys are reading right here! This is how I’m going to begin, by how to set up your own blog!

  1. Come up with a concept for your blog and a subject for what you’re writing for. My subject is essentially myself and if you check out my About Me page you’ll discover where my concept came from.
  2. A name – Every decent blog has either a quirky name or one that is memorable. I like to think that my blog name is rather intriguing and therefore people want to find out more about it when they click on the link.
  3. A colour scheme. Your colour scheme will eventually become everything with your blog and especially if you’re a makeup blogger then you will need something to bounce off of!
  4. Regular content – Now I may sound like a hypocrite as I’ve had a bit of a dry blog these past few months for personal stress reasons but even for updating daily now my viewings have rocketed which is super amazing!
  5. Answer comments – Answer the people who ask you things and are fans of you! They’ll appreciate the reply and you’ll love the compliments!

Now, hopefully if you’re someone that adores writing like me then you will also want to expand your blogging endeavours further by doing more work! Here are some ways to get into that too:

  • StarNow – This is a platform where creative industry professionals and individuals look for actors/cameramen/writers etc. I found my first published job on here and I had my poetry published in this book The Creative Collective Anthology. If you look and filter the app correctly then there are always people looking to collaborate and some will even pay your travel! I also applied to be a journalist on 5 different platforms I write for too!
  • School paper – If you’re still at school then I’m sure you have something like a newspaper or newsletter, if you ask the teachers or brown nose the right person enough then I’m sure you’ll get in!
  • Student Ambassador – I am a student ambassador at Bournemouth University on their blogging site and I am an editor for them. I get paid for this. If you are a university/college student I am sure you’ll have a blog of sorts since first hand experience is the most sought after for people considering going to university. In this case, request the opportunity to help out, even for free because the best way in is for free, and see what they say!

I hope some of these ways helped you guys a lot! If you want me to feature more on my own personal writing then please leave a comment and I’ll write it when I can!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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