What You Need

Hey milklets!

I know that in this modern day apps and such are everywhere and today I wanted to give you a little rundown of apps that I think you all NEED!

Here we go:

LeapSecond – LeapSecond is an app which asks you to film one second of your day every day. At the end of the month you will have filmed a second of every day and when you watch back you remember all the memories you’ve created over that day. It’s so magical and you get to see so many awesome things that you’ve done!

Eve. – If you’re a girl and you don’t have the Eve. app then you are missing out! This app tracks your periods and allows you to update your experiences with guys and girls (whoever you choose to date) and update the app accordingly. Therefore if you register unprotected sex and then get pregnant during your cycle, you can track the time of conception!

Pacifica – Pacifica is an app for all you people that may suffer with depression or anxiety. It is a free app which you get a diary with, can personalise to suit you, and has free meditation reminders for the day as well as the chance to track whether you’ve had your medication and enough food/water for the day.

Moves – This is an app which tracks the places you’ve been every day and you can see how many steps you’ve done. It’s super awesome.

Ada – This is a medical app which allows you to put your symptoms into it if you feel unwell or have a rash or similar and it gives you a pretty accurate likelihood of what is wrong with you! However, I do recommend you don’t get this if you are a hypochondriac.

Wish – This is seriously one of the best shopping apps on the App Store. It has amazing deals and although the delivery can be pretty slow, all your orders show up and I’ve never been let down! The makeup brushes on there are to die for!

Yoti – We’ve all been there when we’ve arrived at a nightclub ready for our night out and then upon arrival it turns out that we have forgotten our ID and now can’t get in. Yoti allows you to register your ID on the app and it works in nightclubs and on buses! However, at the moment I’ve only seen it working in Bournemouth so maybe check that out before you download!

Grammarly – This is one for your phone/tablet and computer device in my opinion, it is a great way to monitor your grammar online and it allows you to correct your mistakes, which is fav if you’re writing emails for work or a CV!

What are your guys’ fave apps?


With love,

Emma xxxx


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