The Day I Left Home

Hey milklets!

Leaving home is one of the hardest things that we will have to do in our teenage years. Many of us will have done it by the age of 18 thanks to university and some before 16 for college! Leaving home is daunting but it is also such a good thing and it makes you so independent!

I know many of you will be going to university this September and one of the biggest fears among not knowing if this is the best step for you or not is also trying to decide whether you want to move out or not.

The day I left home was seriously one of the most scary and exciting days ever! The car was bursting with pretty much everything I owned, my heart was beating super fast not knowing if I was going to meet the man of my dreams, find life long friends, or even make the worst mistake of my life! In all honesty, it’s all of these things!

On my first night at university I met all my flatmates and they were so lovely and we got on so well that I practically pushed my mum out the door so that I could get moved in! However looking back I shouldn’t have been so pushy because after the high ended you soon begin missing home.

My tips for leaving home happy would be to always take teddies and other homely things like millions of photographs with you so you can’t feel lonely and be sure to keep in contact with as many friends as possible because trust me until you find a friend missing you, you won’t realise how much university takes up your life and time.

So with that, the day you leave home will be awesome but don’t rush your mum out the door too fast and make sure you make new friends and BE POSITIVE!


With love,

Emma xxxx


P.S. I just want to remind you guys that I will be on the radio on @NerveRadio over the coming month on my very own Alt. Discovery show! Playing alternative R&B for two hours a week. Check it out, give me some requests/shout outs, and TUNE IN!



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