The Worst Interview I Ever Had

Hey milklets!

So I know that everyone says “don’t lie on your CV” and “be respectful” when you’re having job/university interviews, and they’re right, but no one expects to actually end up ruining one of theirs!

I basically had these interviews when I was back at secondary school which were there with the view of preparing us for interviews in the workplace. I did everything right, I was honest on my CV, I wore smart attire and I had planned the answers to different questions about the job.

What I didn’t prepare for was the idiocy of myself! I have never been shy of the fact that I know I’m a bit of a clown and very much a Bridget Jones character. However, I didn’t expect to be so stupid in the interview!

The interviewer asked me what my favourite pass time was, and I said eating gammon! Like why on earth did I say that? They want to know what I can do for the job, not what I like to eat!

Just before I left the shocking interview I managed to fall over the chair that I had been sat on for the entirety of the interview and fell flat on my face. Bearing in mind this was in the school library and therefore I made way more noise than I should have.

I left the room with a bright red face and went and told all my friends. It was truly cringeworthy.

What’s the worst interview you ever had?


With love,

Emma xxxx


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