Nine Things I Just Can’t Handle

Hey milklets!

We all have things in the world that we literally cannot put up with and I thought it might be quite funny for me to do this with you guys to share with you the nine things that I can’t put up with!

  • Feet – So at the top of my list is feet! I genuinely cannot cope with them and if someone puts them anywhere too near to me I actually have to move away as they make me feel sick! I remember when I’d stay at friends houses, if they had their feet out on the sleeping bag/bedding I was sleeping on I would get really stressed out and have to not touch that part of the bed for the rest of the night! As I’ve gotten older this has changed slightly but it’s still something I struggle with!
  • Bones – I can’t cope with feeling people’s bones popping out because it cringes me out!
  • Avocado – Contrary to popular opinion I actually think these taste disgusting and want them no where near me!
  • Sweat – I actually have a really big thing about hygiene and I hate the thought of sweat coming anywhere near me or anything similar!
  • The Thought Of Losing Gammon – The even idea that gammon could ever leave this earth actually upsets me because I love it so much.
  • Unibrows – They really upset me and make me want to pull out a tweezer! They’re twins not sisters!
  • Medical Stuff – One of my fears is the idea of watching things like needles go into someone else and feeling medical pain myself!
  • Pain – I’m really bad with pain and the idea of torture really stresses me out!
  • Wicked Wendy – There is a drink at Shakeaway which has frozen peas, marmite and some other ingredients added to the concoction which just sounds like my worst nightmare!

What are your worst nightmares?


With love,

Emma xxxx


4 thoughts on “Nine Things I Just Can’t Handle

  1. Great read!

    I’m right there with you on feet. I don’t even like my OWN feet, let alone anyone else’s. It’s not quite a phobia … but it is definitely the polar opposite of a foot fetish.

    Also, I share your antipathy towards avocados. I don’t mind them once they have become guacamole, but otherwise I want nothing to do with them.

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