Furry Friends!

Hey milklets!

This is a little bit of a silly post today but we can’t be serious all the time can we?

Since losing my little bundle of fluff Dillon who’s the beautiful doggy on the featured image of this post, I love scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook and seeing silly videos of animals doing stupid things and it has led me to end up following loads of hilarious animal accounts on Instagram and similar! Due to this I thought it might be quite fun to share with you guys the animal accounts that I follow so you guys can do the same!

harleythecockatoo – Harley is an adorable white cockatoo who makes the most funny videos where he screams into little building blocks and dances in front of mirrors! He’s so sweet and genuinely makes me want to get one!


juniperfoxx – This fox has the bushiest tail you will ever see in your life and is so adorable that you will want a fox yourself! It’s hard after watching the videos on this account to ever support the barbaric sport of hunting foxes for fun!


jessikawhoever – This is actually the owner of Juniper who has a great many weird and wonderful animals who she always posts about on her Instagram! Go check them out, the snake and the mice!


realgrumpycat – This is the grumpiest most wonderful cat you’ll ever see and definitely a must follow for relateable angry cat pics!

ABC's "Good Morning America" - 2013

theadventuresofhedgy – This is a sweet little hedgehog who has pictures taken in the most serene areas and you’ll simply fall in love!


macgyverlizard – Just because of the sheer awesomeness of the size of this lizard and the great pictures that it’s owners take, follow this one!


Have you got any animals you’d recommend we should follow? Comment below!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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