Hiking Essentials

Hey guys!

As some of you may know I am going on another hiking adventure this year just like I did last year when I went away to Uganda which you can read about all in my Travel section!


Hiking is generally what I do at the moment when I travel since I do so much charity work and the hiking is there so that people can sponsor me when I’m raising money. Even though it is super hard work, it can easily be made that little bit better by using a few little trekking hacks I’ve learned along the way!

In terms of your equipment, and trekking gear, I always think that you feel totally more confident if you have an “outfit” going on. I know this makes me sound like a total girl but at the same time it honestly helped me, and I am someone who suffers from anxiety and panic attacks when they are hiking!

My general rule of thumb for my colours is black and pink or metallics. If you want some stylish tips for how to glam up your essentials like the strap on your camera then please visit Stylish Travel Girl who I think has some great tips and ideas as well as some free downloads!

Getting stylish gear doesn’t always mean that you should compromise on the quality of it however and I will always preach to you guys that because better quality will save your life, even though I know equipment can be hard to afford when you’re on a budget!

So, what are the ultimate essentials?

  • A water bottle or bladder – If you’re trekking outside civilisation or are far from a clean water source you will need a bottle/bladder that is going to hold at least 2 litres of water. I hate the taste but it has saved me when I am getting extremely stressed and worn out!
  • Compass – Of course all iPhones and what other technological equipment you may have these days are normally already downloaded with compasses etc. However it is always good to have a physical one which you can use in case of an emergency!
  • Sun protection – Even when I am in Iceland there is going to be so much brightness and risk of burn that I will still need a sun cream that is at least 30 SPF or higher! If you’re going somewhere tropical I recommend 50 SPF.
  • A rain mac – No doubt you will probably have a fleece or jumper of sorts in your pack, but a rain mac is an essential just in case the heavens open and suddenly you need to protect yourself!
  • Mini First Aid Kit – If the worst happens and you do end up getting stuck somewhere then you are going to need a first aid kit in case you’re hurt! What I’d include is plasters, at least two bandages, a support wrap, some antibiotics, some stitches, a needle and thread and some antibacterial wipes.
  • Matches
  • A Penknife – Something that you can carry in your backpack to keep you safe in case of any emergency. These normally have a knife, a bottle opener and even a nail file! There’s lots of handy things it has!
  • Headlamp and Spare Batteries – Obviously for light and the batteries in case you run out!
  • Food – High energy bars and other foods that can be carried in a backpack without going off will give yo a good boost of energy. If possible, take a tin of something in your pack in case you need food!

Some of my favourite places to get hiking gear from include TresspassMillets, and Sports Direct!

Are any of you going hiking this year? Comment below where.


With love,

Emma xxxx


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