How To Ace Your Prom

Hey milklets!

Prom for me is nearly 3 years gone now and it’s totally a stinker because that means I now only have like 4 months left until I’m 20 and I’m an old woman 😦 I really don’t want to stop being a teenager!

Now, I know for many of you prom is only just around the corner and a lot of you ladies will have your dresses picked out and your hair appointments all ready! I also know that prom can be an absolute stress for those of you who aren’t so into it so I am here today to write up a little how-to guide for you guys as a checklist of things to do to absolutely ace your prom!

Fun fact: I’ll sound like a stuck up prestigious knob when I say this but I was prom queen and it was one of the best moments of my life so I hope some of you get the same thing after following my steps!


  • Dress – Your dress is the most obvious thing that you need to get sorted and there are now actually some great places where whatever dress you buy they record it in a book so that girls from your school can’t get the same one as you. Now, if you’re someone who doesn’t have much money, there are always charity shops with loads of old prom dresses, but I know it can be hard to track down your size. You can also get some cheap ones off of sites such as and ASOS. If you are someone who hasn’t got their prom for another year yet, then I suggest looking for dresses in the sales after August! If you don’t know what style would suit you, then it doesn’t matter if you don’t have much money, go to any store and try them on and then choose a dress of the same style but cheaper! My dress was from The Dress Company in Leigh-on-Sea and cost £365 but that’s an extortionate amount of money and I only got it because prom was like my wedding!
  • Hair – You really don’t need to get your hair done professionally for prom, there are so many videos on YouTube for how to do hair yourself that looks really awesome! However, I would always recommend getting something fancy to go in your hair, it’s the little touches that really make prom the best and make you feel like a princess! I had pearl clips in mine! Hair cost me £40 but I had it done at a professional hair dressers, I would seriously recommend doing it with your girlfriends in the morning! ALWAYS GET YOUR HAIR DONE IN THE MORNING NOT LATE BEFORE THE PROM STARTS.
Had the hair curled and told my hair dresser that my inspiration was Maid Marian from Robin Hood!
  • Nails – Your nails will be looked at by all the girls but they are not super important. I got my nails done at a salon but I simply had a £20 French manicure with some nail art, however I would change this and do them myself or buy stick-ons from somewhere cheap like Poundland or Savers because they are just as good honestly!


  • Make-up – So many of my girlfriend did their own makeup and they looked so gorgeous! Even though I had my makeup done when I had my hair done for an extra £35, if I could go back now, I definitely would do it differently. I would probably do it myself or get ready with my girlfriends so we can all take time to put glitter on and get all beautiful! Your makeup is a statement girls, but you don’t need to spend money to look beautiful especially if you haven’t got the cash, Poundland and Primark do a pretty standard makeup collection and you don’t need stuff like MAC or Bobby Brown!


  • Underwear – Now this is going to sound like a weird one, but if you’re anything like me then you will know that it is hard to always feel comfortable when you feel ugly or fat, how I often felt when I was in Year 11. The way I dealt with this was buying a full body suit of Spanx which seems extreme but I felt much more comfortable. You underwear is a big deal depending on the dress you buy because if you have a backless dress or one which showed the shoulders or was sheer like mine then you need a bra to work with it.
  • Shoes – Seriously do not stress about these! Your shoes will barely be seen unless you lift your dress unless you buy a short one in which case feel free to get yourself a statement pair! Mine were from JD Williams and they were about £40. I should really wear them more. If you’re edgy and different, why not just throw on a pair of Converse? I know a load of people did at my prom.


  • Bag – Get yourself a super cute clutch for prom because you’ll need somewhere to keep your bits and pieces, the likelihood is you’ll have to pay for the professional photos the photographer will take of you when you enter the room!


  • Corsage – This one is mainly for if you have a prom date! I was lucky enough to go with a friend of mine and corsages are a lovely little touch to go with on your prom and boys, if you’re reading, they can be pretty romantic too! They are real flowers on a bracelet. Mine was a beautiful white one. They are about £20.


So, as a last note, make sure that you absolutely have fun at your prom and remember there are loads of places that cater for people who haven’t saved up or don’t have the money to spend loads on prom! You can find more out about this online! Especially in America! Read my prom breakdown below to see how much I spent!


My Average Price Breakdown:

Dress = £365

Shoes = £40

Bag = £25

Makeup = £35

Hair = £40

Nails = £20

Underwear = £50

Hair clips – £15

Total Spent = £590

As I said to you guys above, this is an abnormal amount to be spent on prom and we only hit that much because I was absolutely obsessed with prom being perfect and I had it planned down to a T. I wanted to go to prom in a Cadillac but everyone ended up saying that was too far! So I would have ended up spending more if I could! I was definitely a promzilla!

I hope you all have awesome proms and please comment below your own pictures and if any of this helped you! Or even send me a message on my contact page because I would love to hear about it all!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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