Hey milklets!

If there’s anything that I’ve learned in my career thus far as a writer it is how to craft some decent characters for my books/plays’ plots. I want to share with you guys today how you can do the very same!

When you are writing your first piece it can be tempting to jump straight into writing the plot, but I can promise you that planning every inch of your characters, whether you think you need to or not will seriously help you out. Your characters should be like your friends, people that you know down to a T, immerse yourself in their lives if you have to, visit the place you want them to originate from! Have fun with it.

So to plan some great characters, follow these steps:

  1. Tale’s Tone – Always start with the tale’s tone, this will allow the audience to know what the story is going to roughly be about. Is this story going to be written from a first-person point of view? A tragic ending? A romance or comedy? What age group are you aiming it at? Past or Present tense? A complex timeline? Are the chapter endings open or closed?
  2. Profiles – A character profile is so important because this will allow you to set the basis for who your character really is and where they’re from. The profile points you’ll want to include are; name, nickname if there is one, age, date of birth, ender, sexuality, race/ethnicity, location, profession, education, hobbies and interests, political/religious beliefs, disposition and personality.
  3. Details – Furthermore, underneath these character profiles you’ll want to add the details about their part in the story or their personal backgrounds. For these mini detail profiles you’ll want to write about; their weaknesses/faults, pet peeves, fears, guilty pleasures, their prized possessions, bad habits, proudest accomplishments, secret talents.
  4. A Day In The Life – Finally for each character you want to work upon their background further and their everyday life. For this you can include things about their appearance and other nuggets including; their natural habitat, clothing/appearance, physical mannerisms, dialogue/interactions. Finally talk about their life, so what are their key experiences? Born, abused as a child or a good one? Married main character at 21? You decide! You discuss this background storyline up until the age they are in the story, cover the main and significant events in their life!
  5. HEAVY Detail – Finally, you’re working on the really in-detail part of the story, what are the big milestones in the life of your characters, what stage of life are they at, and what are the family dynamics of this character. Who do they dislike and why?

I hope some of these points help you guys get some good characters for your stories! Feel free to share them below and ask me questions!


With love,

Emma xxxx