Hey milklets!

God I am so busy at the moment juggling the end of first year, fundraising for The Children’s Society and beginning my brand new placement! When you go to university you will soon see that you have to get a placement and I was lucky enough to find one for myself relatively early in the year!

I am doing my placement at National Slimming and Cosmetics Clinics which is a company offering slimming treatments and cosmetic surgery to patients who want to change something about themselves or improve their health. I am super happy to be doing my placement there because a lot of the time on placement you end up just being the person that they run around doing the jobs that no one else wants to do, but at mine I’m actually doing something that I want to do for a living!


All my hard work has paid off and I am actually putting together a collection of blogs to promote some fitness stuff for the company! Of course the subject matter isn’t my dream but I work with some great people and I’m really lucky to have this placement. I am struggling with the logbooks and such at the moment though and therefore I am waiting for the uni to help me!

My advice for any of you starting placement is to make sure you get one early and take it seriously because it could be such an open door for you!

Have a great day and happy Easter holidays everyone!


With love,

Emma xxxx