A Day In The Sunshine

Hey milklets!

We’re nearing summer now and I think the weather is brightening up by the minute! I have had two wonderful days in the sunshine now, one was at Southend Pier with some good friends of mine and the second was today when I went to Bournemouth Pier and would you believe it? Even though I’ve been here almost two years now, I had never been on there until today!

In all honesty, Bournemouth Pier has nothing on Southend because of the length. Southend-On-Sea Pier has the world’s longest leisure pier, they seriously need to put something at the end of it though.

I would really recommend getting out in the sunshine, even if it is for just a day and especially if you have a hangover because it will cure it for sure! There are some great beach things you can do:

  • Beach BBQ
  • Dogs day out
  • Painting/sketching
  • Sunbathing
  • Reading
  • Picnic
  • Dating

It is not often that we Brits get to enjoy the English weather so do it while you can!


With love,


Emma xxxx


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