Hey hey hey milklets!

So I have been run off of my feet this week doing fundraising and placement and uni all alongside putting nominations in for the RAG Chair position at University! I thought today I would share a few little updates with you all about what’s been going on with me!

  1. Baking Society – I am proud to announce that I am now the new President of the Baking Society for next year! I am aiming to introduce at least one vegan bake each week to gain more interest and to show that we don’t always need to use standard ingredients to make yummy cakes!
  2. RAG Chair – I finally submitted my RAG Chair nomination and have submitted my promise to what I will do for the students at Bournemouth University. I look forward to running and will soon update here on the blog with how I get on!
  3. Nerve FM! – As many of you know I am now running my own radio show on Nerve FM (87.9FM) Fridays 6pm-8pm. I have had some listeners and some good compliments on my show and I’d love it if you guys could listen. I am going to do a post on how to get involved in your student radio or how to set one up if you do not have one, plus my personal experience. The Nerve FM period has been super fun and I have loved broadcasting to listeners all of this week.
radio 1

My Nerve FM promo photo 🙂

4. Fundraising – Over the past week I have managed to raise £61.40 for my charity by selling cocktails at a house party, selling homemade crafts in university and doing a Grand National Fundraiser last month. I will be making some DIY posts soon for you guys to check out so look out for those! Should I make a DIY section on the blog? Let me know! If you would like to donate then please click the link and do so as it would mean a lot!

5. Big Event – A month ago I tried to organise a fundraising event consisting of DJs and dancing and it all went a little wrong whereas now we have sorted it out and it is back on the cards! If you would like to attend the event, you can go to the Facebook event and check that out here and if you want to buy tickets just click this link.

Thank you so much for reading this guys and I’ll be back with some very exciting new posts soon!


With love,

Emma xxxx