Hey milklets!

So, as many of you know I have been involved in the student radio since the beginning of my second year at Bournemouth University. I really enjoy it and it’s an awesome way to make friends. Since I’ve had such a great time with it I thought it would be cool to help some of you guys learn how to get into it too.

However just that, and a little unrelated, the new baby boy from the Royals has been born! He is called Prince Louis Arthur Charles, how sweet! I had predicted something different though, I had thought it would be Prince Albert Philip Charles but I got the Charles bit right!

So, I know some of you might not have a student radio and I’ve thought of that and so I’ll be making another post soon about how to set up a student radio at your university. I want to do an interview so I’ll get that published on here. For those of you who want to listen I’ll also be uploading my radio show from last week.

Student radio is a great thing to get involved with because of the amount of friends you make but it also looks awesome on your CV! If you are a creative university students like me in a media style degree then this will also help you get great connections as many of the other students who sign up to do radio are in creative degrees too.

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How can you get involved in student radio?

  • Speak to the head of the student radio and ask if they can make you a presenter and get you own radio show.
  • Ask the head of the radio if there are applications for the new year or new academic year coming up soon and get involved that way.
  • See if there are any student radio pages or groups at your university that you can join to get updates on what’s happening at the studio.
  • Ask the other radio committee members if they can get you a show at all.
  • If you don’t particularly just want a show and would rather work for the station or do the technical stuff (which they always need!) then ask if you can work for the station or see if they need any extra help.
  • Ask on forums at the uni or in Facebook groups if there is anyone who wants to do a show with you.
  • LISTEN to other shows and interact with them!
  • Follow the station on all social media and get involved in the shows you hear as trust me the presenters always need content and stuff to talk about! I once got asked how I felt about belly buttons and I ended up with a whole segment on it.

I wish you all the best of luck with getting involved and let me know if you do as I’d love to listen! Look out for my next post coming soon about how to set up a student radio if your university doesn’t have one.


With love,

Emma xxxx