Honeybuns Taster

Hey milklets!

Last week I had the great tasting session with Honeybuns bakery which is located here in Dorset. I did it in partnership with a couple of third year students who were doing their dissertation on the bakery and how cake tastes and prices relate to how the cakes are marketed.

I won’t lie to you, I have had a lot of cake in my time and now I am the President of the Baking Society at Bournemouth University I intend to have a lot more! We tested three of the cakes that the company serves including their chocolate one, their lemon and finally a strawberry vanilla cake.

All were amazing and I just wanted to recommend them to you guys today. The cakes are £30 for a large one and as a thank you we were given small gratuity boxes like the one you can see in the featured image for this post. They were so yummy and I would strongly suggest ordering one!

Let me know if you do and thank you Honeybuns for the yummy freebies!


With love,

Emma xxxx


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