Hey milklets!

Being on the student radio this year is something that has taught me a lot and has allowed me to gain a lot of confidence in myself considering it was extremely nerve wracking at first, especially since I did my show alone!

Now, to gain the most of your student radio you really need to make the most of what you have available to you. When I do my show we use a programme called Myriad. I am unsure whether you have to pay for it but it’s so fun.

There is something called beds on Myriad which is what you speak over like some background music in between songs. This is a good way to keep people interested in what you’re saying, always make sure you speak straight into the microphone so that you sound crisp and clear on air.

Try to do some jokes and have a little show happening on your show where you play games or request involvement from the public. This will make people want to listen to your show for longer. The average listener only tunes in for about 20 minutes so you need to make sure you grab their attention immediately!

Have a style! You need to make sure that your show has a specific style to it so that people know when they tune in they are tuning in to you and the sort of music that you play! My show for instance is all about alternative r&b and playing artists from that genre! Here’s a clip of my jingle:

A jingle is always helpful with a selection of songs so that people know what they can expect from you! I made the one above easily on the free audio editing software Audacity.

Let me know any tips you have for me!


With love,

Emma xxxx